1. Company Overview

Located in the Qingzhou city of Shandong province, QNP(QingNeng Power)has developed into the largest leading private manufacturer of steam turbines and generators in China, covering an area of 200,000 square meters with building area of 90,000 square meters.

We have subsidiaries in Indonesia and Beijing, as well as a branch office in Shanghai. QNP has been awarded with many honors, such as the


In addition, it has earned certificates of CE, API and ISO9000.

2. Our Product & Service

Manufacturing steam turbine, generator (≤100MW)with I&Cl system, electrical panels & switchgears, spare parts and etc. Providing 1~1000MW Overhaul & Commissioning, Energy Saving Reform and Upgrading, Operation Supervision Service for Power Plant and so on. Contracting Power Plant Turn-key Project.

QNP manufactures various steam turbines. At present, we mainly focus on the research and promotion of single layout and packaged steam turbines, as well as High speed & high efficiency steam turbines.


The Generator product includes two pole 50 hertz Generators and four pole 60 hertz Generators. The highest voltage can reach up to thirteen point eight kilovolts, and the layout can be either single tier or double tiers. The Generators can be provided with either a Static Excitation System or a Brushless Excitation System as required by the Customer.


The Electrical Control equipment consists of HV & LV switchgears, synchronization panels and a DC system, contributing to the integration of power generation, synchronization with grid and transmission of power.


Our power design institute can provide complete project solutions for customers from design, construction, procurement, and installation to commissioning of the power plant, shortening the project period and reducing the project cost for our customers.

QNP is collaborating with world class suppliers of Gas Turbines to introduce advanced Gas Turbine technology, promoting Combined Cycle Power Projects with higher Plant efficiency.


With strong manufacturing and machining capacities, main parts and key components of our products are made by CNC machines. More than 400 types of advanced equipment with high accuracy, strong reliability and advanced machining processes are available with QNP, such as the Mitsubishi Planer five sides machining center, the Italy horizontal slotting machine, the 10 meters CNC heavy duty horizontal lathe, the 8 meters vertical lathe, the 6 meters CNC grinding machine, the CNC gantry milling and drilling machine, the CNC gantry wrapping machine and the winding machine for generators. The components are standardized and modularized with enhanced universality and compatibility.

Our state of the art quality test center consists of a physics lab, a chemistry lab, a chemical analysis lab, a precision measurements lab and a metrology lab. The high speed dynamic balancing test machine can test rotors at speeds up to 15000 rpm. The Steam Turbine trial platform can do load tests and performance verification tests. Other instruments such as our German direct-reading spectrometer, tri-linear coordinate measuring instrument, and our speed test platform provide reliable assurance of product quality.

3. Project Cooperate With Us

  • QNP, in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has adapted it\'s evaporative cooling technology for cooling of distributed energy Generators, which has reduced the size of Generators significantly.
  • In collaboration with Sea Water Desalination Institute of State Oceanic Administration, QNP has formed a technical team to carry out research on the key technologies of power generation and sea water desalination.
  • QNP has set up a training mechanism for senior managers with Tsing Hua University and Peking University, as well as technical trainings with Xi`an Jiaotong University, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Shandong University in multiple fields.
  • The rapid development of QNP has captured the attention of the Fortune Global 500 companies, such as the M AN Group from Germany, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from Japan. These companies and numerous others have worked with QNP for technical exchanges.
  • QNP has also gotten strong support from central and local government. Top government officials at all levels have visited QNP many times and given high ratings on QNP`s development.

4. Sales & After Sales

The market share of QNP is growing steadily and rapidly. Our agents and products have a presence in many countries and regions all over the world such as the U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Australia, Serbia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iran, Myanmar, as well as Sudan, Morocco and Algeria in Africa.



QNP has a skilled and experienced After Sales team geared up for fast response and superior services to our customers at any time. Our Long distance monitoring center is equipped to monitor, diagnose, serve and manage the units delivered. QNP also provides technical training to our customers at regular intervals.

QNP regards continuous learning ability as one of the company`s core competitiveness and provides regular training to employees to enhance their comprehensive abilities and skills.

The structure of our management is the basic solution for our development. The Basic Law of QNP and other related regulations have been established to change the management style from [rule of man\" to [rule of law\". This has laid a solid foundation for further development of QNP.

Reviving national industry is our task. Becoming a first-class power equipment manufacturer of the Global economy and energy conservation is our objective.

Thinking freely, working seriously!
Passion is the endless source of creation!
Passion creates the future!

This is QNP



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